WWWcam - Webcam software for grabbing and web publishing

WWWcam is for grabbing, archiving, and Web publishing pictures from a video-device-based Webcam.
For USB or parallel port webcams you can use the CPiA webcam driver. It simulates a /dev/video and supports nearly every webcam available.
(as I could never test it because I have no usb-cam I would be lucky if you send a report if it worked or if there are any problems.)

Currently WWWCAM can:

And it cannot / i'll implement in the future when someone is interested:


You don't need anything for the static version of wwwcam.
Simply untar, change configuration in wwwcam.conf.0 and start it.

you need the following libs: (which are easy to find or already installed in your distribution)

for compiling on your own you need the libraries and the development files (headers) for the libs.

final words

When anyone has good ideas what should be implemented please tell me.
If it doesn't compile on other distributions also tell me.
Thanks to Andreas Schiffler for his cool framegrabber lib used for lowlevel access.

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